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July 2013

  • Advanced Tutorial Updated + New Staff!
    July 08
    The advanced tutorial as been updated. Also, please welcome two new members to our staff, maryru and LeoLeo! They have kindly agreed to help find and add models to our database. We also want to thank Space for all the hard work he has put into our community and for being with us for so long!

May 2012

  • Submitting models to the Museum
    May 04
    We have been receiving a lot of requests to have your models added into the Museum. We would love to add it, but with the sheer volume of models that are published daily by talented designers, it is difficult for us to keep up! What you can do to help us is: 1) Go to the forum and find the thread stickied to the top. 2) Post your model's information.

April 2012

  • 4,000 Models
    April 19
    We have just hit the 4,000 mark for models in the Museum's collection! Huge credit goes to Space, our main administrator, who has been consistently finding new models and placing them into the database. And of course, a BIG THANKS to all of the papercraft designers who have been cranking out models day after day!

January 2012

  • Otacute February Papercraft Contest
    January 31
    There is a papercraft contest over here! http://blog.otacute.com/?p=5401 Cash prizes for both novice and master levels. The model to be built is the very own mascot of this company, so cute its.. Otacute! This is running from February 1 to February 28, 2012 (midnight JST). Good luck papercrafters!

July 2011

  • New Poll
    July 03
    Which category do you like the most? Which category do other visitors like the most? We don't know, but we would like to find out! Please help us by voting on your favorite category! Oh and by the way, to those from the USA, Happy July 4!!

June 2011

  • Missing Models
    June 07
    Sometimes, people's websites go down and when that happens, the links to their models also go down. We have most of the models displayed here backed up, but not all. Please help us by checking the forum to see what's missing, and if you happen to have that model, we would greatly appreciate it if you could send it to our email so we can update the broken pages. Thanks!

April 2011

  • Add us on Facebook!
    April 19
    We've just created our own Facebook page! I know, finally right? Click on the button above this box to check us out! Upload and create your own photo album and manage your own museum for others to see what you've been making!

October 2010

  • MapleStory Papercraft Contest
    October 03
    There is a MapleStory Papercraft Contest from Nexon where you must build various MapleStory models to create a scene, and the one with the best scene wins an 8gb iPod touch and some points, and two runner ups will win a tshirt and some points as well. Click here to check it out!

June 2010

    May 2010

      April 2010

      • Model Of The Month
        April 30
        We are now doing Models of the Month! This will be a good way to direct more traffic to those exceptional papercraft models that deserve more attention. Support your favorite models and designers by going on the forum and vote by making a post telling us which model should be the next model of the month!
      • New Staff Members and New Poll
        April 09
        I'd like to welcome our new mods: Space, Shifter, iCreate. I'd also like to welcome the new model updaters: GeebsRilie, Superman1001, zarkmark, ghost1807. With the addition of these people, the Museum will be updated more frequently and maintained better, and they have been doing a really good job at that. Oh and we have a new poll. Please be honest. Thank you.
      • Categories Page Revamp
        April 07
        It's about time we did some cleaning up on the categories page, and we've decided to add subcategories. The way it's set up right now is so that each model are placed in where it best describes that subcategory. There are many items from video games that are best described for example as a weapon, or a hat, and therefore, are placed in those subcategories. If you want to see all of the models that belong within a particular game or whatever, then simply search those words in the search bar. For example, if you look at the Final Fantasy subcategory, you notice that it's pretty much all characters and monsters, but if you want the full list, you will have to search for "Final Fantasy", and you will see the rest of the models which belong to that game. That way, people who want to find weapons and costume gear and other random things can find it within the Others category. We hope this makes your browsing experience better!

      March 2010

      • Model Updaters Needed
        March 13
        Right now, there are 3 model updaters: nick, Space, and myself. Even if we work day and night, we can't keep up with all the new models coming out, and all the models that are already out but not in the Museum. If you are a regular visitor of the Museum and would like to help us add models to the database, check out the Model Updater section on the left. Thanks!
      • Poll Suggestions and Paper Creations
        March 03
        Currently taking suggestions for polls to place on the front page. Email them to me or post them in the forum! Also I think it's time to expand the Paper Creations page to include things other than my stopmotion stuff, so if you have any project you've been working on that's not really papercraft but paper related, or if you made a papercraft video, please send them over!

      January 2010

      • Model Maintenance
        January 17
        Thank you all for notifying me of the broken links, and I realize there are a lot of them because the original owners of the models don't fix their own problem. Some of these models may have been lost forever, but some may be reuploaded. I just want you to know that I keep the notices you send and will do a large update to fix everything in the summer. Thank you for your patience!

      September 2009

      • Updates
        September 26
        More updates will come during Thanksgiving break. Also, a section called "Papercraft Burnout" is added to the bottom of the advanced tutorial. If you are one of those papercrafters that seem to always have incomplete models laying around, you might want to check it out.

      August 2009

      • Advanced Tutorial Update
        August 14
        A section on choosing the the right kind of paper including /other information about paper is added to the Advanced Tutorial.
      • Aug 6 updates
        August 06
        These are mostly old models within the past 4 months from nintendopapercraft.com. Don't be surprised if the next few batches of models are still old models. I'm still catching up with all those that's been released lately.

      July 2009

      • Suggestions for Categories
        July 29
        Some of you may have noticed that some models belong in more than one category. If you notice a model that isn't in a category where you feel it should, please let me know and I will add that model to that category. Thank you.

      June 2009

      • When will we be back?
        June 30
        We'll start adding models again on August 2009. Thanks for your support!

      May 2009

      • Youtube Account
        May 21
        Be sure to check out the videos about papercrafting at http://www.youtube.com/user/PaperCraftMuseum
      • Notice
        May 17
        Haven't added much new models lately because I've been busy. However, I have a huge list of the newest models saved up. Don't lose faith, the museum will still thrive!

      April 2009

      • Cutting Tips Video
        April 30
        A more comprehensive summary available to watch in the advanced tutorial section.

      March 2009

      • Welcome Hosted Designers
        March 18
        Just making this update to announce that we have worked out 99% of the system that we're working with to host designers. I'd like you visitors to welcome a few contributors to the community: Errant, Ross, Tirick, hchiu (which is me), Freebooter Fox, Gazamaniac, and rundown (who just joined recently)! If you are interested, you are more than welcome, just check out the 'Hosted Designers" section on the left-hand menu and drop me an email.

      February 2009

      • Papercraft Designer Hosting
        February 01
        We are considering hosting papercraft designers on our webspace. You will have a button from the main site linking to your page, which will include your own gallery and progress updates column, similar to a blog. Somewhere on your page also will be a donations button if you choose to accept donations from visitors. Please check the forum for more details.

      January 2009

      • Stop Motion Video Added
        January 14
        Check out Houndour being assembled in the Paper Creations section. The "Gotta Catch'em All" Theme song is slapped on. That song rocks. Enjoy.
      • Advanced Tutorial Update
        January 13
        New video added to tutorial placed at the end of the Planning section. It shows a couple examples of how planning can give you the easiest closing scenario. About 1 minute long.
      • Broken Links and Bugs
        January 12
        A good number of you have been sending me emails about broken links and errors. I just want to thank you for letting me know because there is no way for me to stay updated on all these models without your help, because even if the original website's link is broken, I almost always have a backup version in my hard-drive that I will gladly upload for a mirror link.
      • Beginner Tutorial Update
        January 05
        A simple video about navigating Pepakura Viewer 3 is uploaded into the Beginner Tutorial section, which has a few changes there as well.

      December 2008

      • Pokemon Update
        December 29
        Some of the old pokemon pictures are replaced with the built model version done by those who made Paperpokes. The Pokemon models updated today are all from their website which is very organized and they even have the A4 papersize option.
      • Glue Tab Planning
        December 25
        New video added to advanced tutorial. Also a few typos fixed.
      • Downtime with Upgrade
        December 20
        Sorry about the long downtime, but it is now slightly easier for you to find the model you want! In the Museum, you can now alphabetize, and sort through pieces, pages, ratings, and date, within a category. You can also see only one category at a time in the Gallery (via the Categories page).
      • Your Pics Gallery
        December 20
        The gallery to the pics sent by you has been added awhile ago, but no one seemed to notice, so a side-bar menu link has been added.
      • BBoy Papercraft
        December 15
        Added a new video to Paper Creations.
      • New Poll
        December 11
        Be sure to vote in the poll on the bottom-left corner. I would like to know how people prefer to navigate around this website.

      November 2008

      • Nov 30 model update
        November 30
        Replaced a bunch of the maplestory papercraft links with picture guidances, and also replaced the cartoon version of their pics with pics of the built pics.
      • Advanced Tutorial Complete
        November 20
        Well, not absolutely complete but I have material for every section that I intended to have. I'll be making edits, adding here, and deleting there. I'll mention any major edits in this update column. Please please please let me know if anything is confusing because I am very open to editing the confusing parts.

      October 2008

      • Halloween Costume Video
        October 30
        I made myself a costume for Halloween night. Check it out at the bottom of the Paper Creations section!
      • Ike in Paper Creations
        October 28
        I finished making a papercraft model of Ike, half-sized for the challenge. Some of the pieces used to build Ike were shown in the advanced tutorial, but the rest were too small to demonstrate with. I'll have to find another model to make to finish the tutorial.
      • Google Ads
        October 27
        Just putting these up to see if I can break even with the costs of upkeep for the website.
      • Scoring and Folding sections added
        October 20
        The next sections will be strategizing and gluing. I haven't figured out how to organise that yet so it may take awhile.
      • Cutting Tutorial Update
        October 16
        Introduction and cutting tutorial section updated, you may find it under "Advanced Tutorial". More sections will come soon.
      • Category Browse List
        October 11
        This list was added last night. Just another way to browse for the model you want.
      • 1,000th Model and Gallery
        October 10
        Thanks to all the hard-working designers out there who distribute papercraft templates for free, there is now 1,000 models in the museum directory! A new "Gallery" section is made, which is just another faster way to browse for what you want. Enjoy!
      • Adult Link Stop Motion Video
        October 07
        Check it out in the Paper Creations section! I used different techniques to make this one, and will be including them in my advanced tutorial when I have my ideas finalized. I have not been updating the models much because I'm planning on making a series of videos about building techniques. There are currently 869 models in the Museum. I will reorganise the tags and categories after 1,000 models so it'll be easier to find what you want.
      • Gundam Nomenclature
        October 03
        This Gundam update gave me the biggest headache because most of them are in Japanese websites that distribute parts of the full model in different places of their blog and the names of these models makes less sense to me than Latin. If you are familiar with the correct names, please by all means, feel free to comment and correct me! I am also looking for someone to help update this model database (payment is a possibility). Please contact me if interested.

      September 2008

      • Rare Botpa Update
        September 18
        Botpa's wonderful MapleStory and KartRider models went down when the website went down. Fortunately, a wonderful papercraft collector has archived all of it and is willing to send me a copy for the website, so anticipate another large update soon!
      • Proper Crediting
        September 13
        Today I was browsing the wowpapercraft website (which will be my next huge museum update) and stumbled upon the original Snorlax link. I remember doing a Snorlax update, but is linked to a website that linked directly to the Snorlax download url. Whenever I make updates to the museum database, I always try to find the original source and credit the designer. It's so dissapointing how people who design the models don't receive proper credit. A few of the prominent papercraft blogs out there link directly to the download url and bypasses credit to the creator.. and no one would know. I link directly to the download url is if the original is in a forum where it's too confusing for visitors to browse through, or if I cannot find the original. If you see that I have an improper download link, please let me know and I will change it asap. Thank you.
      • Pic Submission Gallery Up!
        September 09
        When you submit pics, it will be posted on the side of the model's page, and underneath the "Submit Your Pic" picture, there's Archives link. Or you can scroll to the very bottom of any page and there's a "Your Pics Archive" link. There, everyone's pic submission will be displayed. So far, I have completed model pics sent from iichiigo, Eddie, and Silver. Keep up the good work guys! :)
      • "About" page updated
        September 08
        The about page is completely rewritten for accuracy. Visit it to learn about me and the PaperCraft Museum!
      • Forum Launched
        September 06
        Come. Join. Now. :)
      • Cloud Stop Motion Completed
        September 03
        That's right! Check out the Paper Creations section to see the stop motion video of Cloud being put together. This one isn't that bad, only the hair was confusing and tricky. If you have trouble making any of these models please feel free to ask me through the Contact page. When the forums are up, more information will be available for everybody on how to complete these models.

      August 2008

      • Forum In Construction
        August 28
        That's right! We will be working on putting up a forum hopefully by next month, and I have lots of exciting plans for that other than simply discussion, such as contests and polls! I'm still working on Cloud, finished the head and the body. The hair was painful to make.. thirteen strands of hair, each ending in a fine point, which is an interesting coincidence because September thirteenth is also my birthday! Horrah! Anyway, there is a lot of work to be done here and I am actually looking for some people to be involved. If you think you have what it takes, please send me your contact information through the comment box under the Contact page. Thank you for visiting!
      • Cloud is the winner!
        August 25
        Unexpectedly, Cloud caught up in votes and won! I have not seen a completed version of this model yet, so perhaps I may be the first. The reason is that some people like designing papercraft models, but don't feel like building it, but will put it online for others to try. I hope I don't make a mistake on this one! I expect to finish building Cloud in 2 weeks with the video.
      • My next stop motion video.
        August 22
        The votes seem to make this a battle of Link vs Samus! They both look fun to make, but I'm hoping for Samus to win because there are less number of pieces :) The poll will end this weekend, Sunday 11:59PM, PST time, because I have all of Monday free to work on building the winner.
      • Tutorial Revisions
        August 19
        Added a section to the advanced tutorial. I plan to expand on that. Edited beginner tutorial section and uploaded a new video. Give youtube a few hours to see the video.
      • PaperCraft Museum Launch
        August 17
        Website launched today. The promotional video (in the entertainment link) will hopefully grab some attention from the anime community. A lot of work still needs to be done, so stay tuned! It seems some of you with the old browser (FireFox1) see something wrong with the update section. I can't do much about that other than offer you the link right here!
      • First Models Featured
        August 14
        I've featured some great sample models so far, bookmark PCM and check back soon for more!
      • Welcome to PCM
        August 14
        Welcome to PaperCraftMuseum.com, the site is still currently under construction. Sit tight, and stay tuned!

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