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Category: Other, Gun
Pieces: 146
Pages: 7
Showcased: January 4th 09
Download: HERE      «!»

48 comments about Vash’s Gun

  1. Anonymous |

    some of the instructions are unclear plus theres no words for the instuctions just pictures

  2. Anonymous |

    most of them come like that, its normal, sweet gun.

  3. kin37ik |

    hi, im wondering what size paper/cardboard you are meant to print this onto? im guessing A3 sized card/paper is too small? if you know what size it should be, please send an e-mail to:



  4. bb |

    if you guy’s like gungrave gun i found it and it move’s back on the chamber when you pull the triger

  5. bb |

    look it up on google dont go to that magalink thing go to the one that say’s the blackhatman blog

  6. w00t |

    This craft is life sized, and awesome

  7. lol |

    is there also one in .pdo if not can you make it in one

  8. Anonymous |

    tried printing this on cardstock, it cut off the bottom of the first page and parts of others, how do i fix this other than changing the options?

  9. Anonymous |

    I tried to save it, but it wanted to save an .RAR and I don’t have anything for that. When I tried to open it, it brought me to Internet Explorer and asks if I want to download it, when I can’t. I’m so confused… And this is the gun I really want…

  10. Haywan |

    Check out beginner tutorial

  11. gustavo |

    bom,eu gosto muito de mexer com papel eu tambem faso algumas armas de papel.Teve um dia que eu estava vendo algumas armas de papel no youtube quando vi essa arma nossa eu fiquei bobo querendo muito fazer uma igual,foi então que eu vi o site e entrei nele

  12. gustavo |

    Bom eu gosto muito de papel e faço bastante coisa mas eu tambem faço armas de papel foi quando eu vi essa arma e fiquei muito interessado.

  13. gustavo |


  14. gustavo |

    Cade o TUTORIAAALL?????????????????????????

  15. Haywan |

    You guys need to download WinRAR to be able to unzip this file.


    Once you open the file, you’ll see the instructions.

  16. edd |

    instructions are hard to understand.. If Possible can you’ll Put A Video..??

  17. Ryszard |

    What kaid of paper I need for this ?

  18. need help |

    um how do i print it i presses print with my printer connected to my laptop do i need to open it in a different format like openoffice????????????????????????????????????????

  19. Anonymous |

    There is a program called pepkura it makes things like this easier.
    And if your gonna do jpegs atleast make the instructions clear with words

  20. ... |

    epic gun

  21. ... |

    can this even shoot?

  22. ad |

    i cant download the tutorial??

  23. LinkDay |

    Nice gun, it’s almost made here :D
    the tutorial is just a base not a full tutorial, but the challenge gives you fun ^^

  24. anonymus |

    nn consigo baixar o arquivo, alguem me ajude

  25. Vinicius Eiras |

    This site is so grat

  26. Vinicius Eiras |

    i love this site

  27. Vinicius Eiras |

    This site is very cool

  28. Vinicius Eiras |

    tem escrito assim dowload here ai vc clica no here

  29. Vinicius Eiras |

    eu n posso pq sou uma criança e eu posso fazer bobagem aki

  30. yuri |

    eu nao acho as instruscao da vash gun
    algue me ajude

  31. yuri |

    alguem me ajuda achar as instrucao da vash gun

  32. TRIGUN Vash's Long Colt .45 WIP |

    […] […]

  33. Baka |

    Oi, eu estou vou fazer a Vashs Gun, porém não sei se é melhor usar o papel tamanho A3 ou A2, acho que o A1 vai ficar grande demais, se alguem que já fez puder informar manda uma ask para http://bakaworld.tumblr.com/ask, preciso fazer essa arma até o dia 15/07 se puderem ajudar eu agradeço

  34. Anonymous |

    please do a vdo tutorial

  35. Grodebox |

    Excelente modelo, ya lo descargue y empece a armarlo, utilice papel Opalina, las instrucciones no son muy complicadas espero terminarlo y subirlo a un foro, gracias por el modelo y saludos desde Colombia :D ….

  36. Build your own Armory of weapons at papercraftmuseum.com! | D.B.R.C. RACING |

    […] http://www.papercraftmuseum.com/vashs-gun/ […]

  37. Jaiden |

    So i downloaded on how to do this and when i try to open it it makes me go to adobe reader and evry time it says it cant read it can someone help me i really want to make this gun trigun is one of my favorite animes

  38. gustavo a. |

    não é nescessario baixar nenhum programa basta apenas abrir com o google chrome

  39. zeta |

    I have no problems to view the instructions, but when I try to open the .pdf archive it says it can not open it. Can someone help me?

  40. steve |

    al descomprimir el archivo solo me salen las instrucciones, puede alguien explicarme que tengo que hacer para descargar el pdf?, oh y como abrirlo

  41. Ruby |

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  42. Sam |

    Can you tell me how to assemble and install it

  43. mrgj |

    essa arma é grande?

  44. KIRILL |

    Video tutorial? plz

  45. kierian prince |


    I was wondering if you made or could make a pdo file for vash’s gun? if you can please send me through via email.

    sincerely, kierian prince

  46. anônimo |

    que papel usar ?

  47. goku |

    que tipo de papel usa para fazer ?

  48. luiz |

    muito loco essa arma meu

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