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Category: Other, Weapon
Pieces: 80
Pages: 41
Showcased: April 9th 11
Designer: Drummerthing
Added By: Space
Download: HERE      «!»
Comments:The World Breaker is a life-sized 2-handed mace from World of Warcraft.

4 comments about World Breaker

  1. Cloud $trife |

    XD!!!!!!! look like he has no more life

  2. Gary Twobucks |

    Your right. He has no life. But he has a friggin’ world breaker

  3. Drummerthing |

    I do have no life! Hahahaha. Please enjoy! I’m glad I have 5 stars! If you have any requests please email me at drummething@thebarcus.com

  4. metalxorxdie |

    ignore the rude comment from the first guy, this is true dedication and truly awesome, great job!

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