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Collectable toy lover. Vinyl toys are just too expensive to collect thats why I went into papercrafting. I do built and paint gundams too. Check out my works in www.justusproduct.webs.com

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Latest Model

Category: Other, Cubee
Pieces: 7
Pages: 1
Showcased: July 29th 09
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Recent Updates

  • Uploading photos
    July 28th

    I just sent the photos over for it to be uploaded into the database. After that I can start hosting up my models. I had also finished up all 3 designs for my next ‘Stripe out my world’ series as I need them for my newpaper interview today.

  • Progress of Stripe Out My World 3
    July 21st

    I’m exactly halfway thru for the third set. It means I’ve completed 1 model (Speaker Dog) and halfway thru another (Twitch). I’m having some hard time working with ‘Twicth right now and I still could’nt decide which template to use for the 3rd one. Wish me luck. :)

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