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Pieces: 295
Pages: 21
Showcased: June 21st 10
Designer: Haywan
Download: HERE      «!»
Comments:Life-size version: http://www.mediafire.com/?muhd5go2wdts5hp

26 comments about Princess Zelda

  1. Rock |

    Finally someone put a Zelda from SBB! Been waiting for anyone to put this figure, thanks a lot!

  2. Wendy |

    Hi, i’m just curious…exactly how you design your model??? I really want to know!

  3. cornstarch |

    @Wendy: I don’t know if this is this designer’s method, but a lot of people will rip models from games, put them onto 3d imaging/ editing programs to re-size and cut away what they don’t want in it, and then put it on the pepakura designer program, which can unfold and add tabs to models all by itself.

    To rip models, you’ll need to download an emulator, the game with the model you want, and a couple other little bits of software, though. Oddly enough, emulators are completely legal, but the games can land you in jail, so I don’t recommend risking it for a paper model ^ . ^;;

  4. Haywan |

    Updated file, changed some of the tabbing on armpit to make it easier to build. It’s not risky at all to rip and make paper models as long as you don’t try to make money off of it.

  5. shane |

    is there any way you could either tell me the height and/or post some pics of you standing next to it just to see size comparison?

  6. John |

    Is there comming a life size Zelda maybe or a gannondorf model with the same size as this zelda

  7. Henry |

    The link is down. Can someone update the source?

  8. ¿Te gustaría hacer papercraft de The Legend of Zelda? Claro que sí | El Blog de Topofarmer |

    […] Young Link, otro Link adulto, unos Link adultos (más feos), Zelda de niña, Zelda de adulta, otra Zelda adulta… O cosillas más simples como este Link de Wind Waker, a Link sobre Epona, a Navi o la […]

  9. Haywan |

    Link should be working again.

  10. Haywan |

    Name changed from “Zelda” to “Princess Zelda” so it’ll be easier to search.

  11. Gir |

    How tall?

  12. kyls |

    hola cual seria la forma mas facil de hacerla, es necesario hacer todos los piegles o solo seguir con las pestañas para pegar

    gracias mi correo es


  13. Anonymous |

    life size?

  14. Haywan |

    2 feet tall i believe

  15. Haywan |


  16. Plagrim |


  17. Andrea |

    Thank you so much for posting this beautiful papercraft! Somewhat complicated and a little time-consuming, but I don’t regret building it :] It’s truly amazing

  18. Haywan |

    Juke resized it to life-size: http://www.mediafire.com/?muhd5go2wdts5hp

  19. Anonymous_2 |

    Hey, the life-sized link doesn’t work! Help! It says the file doesn’t exist.

  20. Osk |

    the life size is offline please upload it again please

  21. Trix |

    I have a problem with downloading your model :(
    I have Pepakura Viewer 3 but when I downloaded it pepakura says “Can not load file of Specified Type” what can and should I do to make it work? because this is not the first model I have problems with :(
    and I really like this model <3:(

  22. Laugt |

    the link is down, can someone please upload it again

  23. sven |

    Can you send the template to my e mail or upload it again?

  24. Joshua |

    Link download one doesn’t work either! What is going on here?

  25. hoe blow |


  26. hoe blow |


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