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Category: Other, Robot
Pieces: 158
Pages: 19
Showcased: March 16th 10
Designer: Kertas Igo
Added By: nick
Download: HERE      «!»
Comments:Just above comment section are two links. Bottom one has pdo with no textures, top one is pdf with textures. The password for pdf is kertasigo, which is right by the word "pass".

6 comments about Zoids Command Wolf

  1. someone |

    idk from what game is that bot but ITS EPIC

  2. Anonymous |

    The pdf link is broken on mediafire or whatever the site is.
    pdo works fine but you’ve made it so we need both files to build the model.

  3. Anonymous |

    Never mind.
    Looks like it was fixed.

  4. Anonymous |

    this is from the anime called zoids

  5. etopsirhc |

    any 1 know if some 1 has made the berserk fury or the full set of zero class ligers ?

  6. OdieBFMV |

    I found a Murasame Liger at PDO/Dragon’s website, I think… Been a while, but it’s “Chibi” and really generic.

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